The Secret to the Perfect Proposal

Oct 1,2018

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a ring is actually the easiest part of the process – especially when you have a jeweller as experienced as Michael Korakas on your side! But in all seriousness, even when you find the perfect ring for your intended bride you’re still only part way there… there’s still a proposal to plan!

THE proposal sets the stage for the happiness and promise to come. So naturally, many nervous grooms turn to their nearest and dearest for advice on how best to pop the big question. And according to Michael Korakas, a fair few turn to their favourite jeweller!

When it comes to staging the perfect proposal, Michael says it’s all about reinventing the wheel. ‘Everyone wants to be different, no one wants to do something that’s been done to death,’ he explains. His go-to suggestion for anxious grooms? The destination proposal. ‘It’s always good to get out of the city relax and enjoy the whole process” he says.
The world is full of incredible places for the ultimate proposal, so here are our top picks for a destination proposal that is sure to have her saying “yes”.

It’s easy to forget the beauty of this incredible city we call home. Filled with world famous landmarks such as on the steps of the Opera House or atop the Harbour Bridge, the choices are endless when proposing in Sydney.
But if such grand gestures are not your style there’s always many low-key options, consider a shady spot in stunning Centennial Park or Wendy’s Secret Garden in Lavender Bay.

And of course you could always enlist friends and family to help set the perfect scene. “Sometimes Michael said “nervous grooms enlist the help of professionals so that nothing is left to chance.”

What’s more Instagram-worthy than a marriage proposal at sunset, against one of the most photographed views in the world? ….Oia (no matter how cliché it may be) its still one of the most romantic places to declare your eternal love to your one and only.
Other hotspots in Santorini include Heart-Rock in Megalochori, or a suite at Art Maisons at Oia castle.

New York
We all know the Big Apple is one of the busiest cities in the world, but many may not know is that it’s also one of the most romantic. The metropolis is full of tried and true places to promise ‘your forever’ to your someone special. Atop the Empire State building is a popular choice, as is the iconic Central Park. ‘Sometimes it’s beautiful to just get out into nature,’ says Michael. Whether it’s snow-covered or in full bloom, it’s truly stunning all year round.

Imagine getting down on bended knee on the lawn of Eiffel Tower. Or even better yet… a romantic dinner Le Jules Verne haute cuisine restaurant at the top of the tower itself overlooking the city of love! You’ll be hard pressed to paint a more romantic picture than that. While the city is full of romantic hotspots to propose, it’s also full of photographers who’ve seen it all. Book one in advance to discreetly capture the moment you’ll want to remember forever.

Before hopping on a plane with your one and only for the grandest of gestures dont forget the most important detail of all…the perfect ring.
A ring that not only needs to travel on the aeroplane with you but should also be appropriately insured as the soon-to-be-groom bears full responsibility of getting it over there in one piece. ‘Guys get anxiety just thinking about that process. They freak out,’ says Michael, with a laugh. ‘I have to remind them Michael sais with a laugh “don’t stress…as long as you are organized and prepared everything will be perfect.

And don’t forget…..when going through customs, you’ve got to put the ring in your wallet and put that in the tray before you go through the metal detectors,’ says Michael. ‘And let the guys know you have a ring in there…all without your Mrs knowing!’ he adds, laughing.

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